The ZERO Race also aims to raise awareness for biodiversity protection, since 2010 has been declared as the International Year of Biodiversity by the United Nations.

ZERO Race management believes that electric mobility in combination with using renewable energy is part of the solution to the impacts of climate change. The impacts of climate change threaten biodiversity in all ecosystems worldwide. 

For the ZERO Race, each participating team chose a species from their home country whose survival is threatened by the impacts of climate change. 





Power Plaza: Korean Tiger (Pantherra tigris altaica)

The Korean Tiger is also known as the Siberian tiger, and perhaps no other country has such strong cultural connections to this animal as Korea. However, the last sighting of a wild tiger in Korea dates back to the 1940s, and since then tigers are extinct there.  In Siberia, there are about 400 to 500 wild Siberian tigers left, and several thousands also live in zoos worldwide. Poaching of this biggest cat remains a major threat to the survival of the wild tiger population. The Korean Tiger is threatened by climate change by habitat loss and hunting. Finally, all species on this planet may die if we don’t reverse the negative impacts of global warming. 






Oerlikon Solar Racing Team: Sombre Goldenring (Cordulegaster bidentata)

You may have never heard of this Dragonfly, but it is still found in Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy. The Swiss team will raise awareness for this species, because their vehicle is so light and agile as a dragonfly. This species is also threatened by climate change. But why would it be a problem if a dragonfly disappears from the planet? Because, every dissappearing species will create unwanted ecological chain reactions. Numerous other species may depend on a co-existence with this dragonfly, and if this species dies out, other species will be affected. For example, plants that need it for pollination will also be affected and may eventually disappear, since everything in the ecosystem is connected through a complex web of relationships. Protecting the planet means we must protect everything. Even tiny insect, like the Sombre Goldenring Dragonfly.




Team Trev: Golden Green Frog (Litora ranoformis)

Team Trev is raising awareness for the Golden Green Frog, also known as the Growling Frog. The team chose this species, because it is one of the largest Australian frogs, and its geographic distribution covers most of South East Australia. This animal also represents Australia’s national colours: gold and green! Unfortunately, this frog species is threatened due to habitat loss caused by a variety of land use impacts linked to agriculture, and the impacts of climate change, particularly droughts. 



Vectrix Team: Golden Oriole (Oriolus oriolus)

 The Golden Oriole is a terrestrial bird species with a very large range, found throughout Europe and in western Asia. It breeds in woodland areas, and migrates in the winter to sub-Saharan Africa as far south as Namibia and South Africa, and to India to the east. The Golden Oriole population is considered stable, classified as ‘least concern’ by the IUCN, although in some areas climate change threatens the breeding habitat of this species.