Introduction by Louis Palmer

"In 80 days around the world with renewable energies and for a green future. This is the slogan of the Zero Race. We want to show that electric mobility and renewable energies provide a solution for an ecologically balanced life on this planet. And that's why we make the longest ad greenest car race ever.

Five teams from four continents are starting on the 15. August in Geneva, Switzerland, for this symbolic  first car race around the world in 80 days.

As the first man ever to circumnavigate the world in a solar car, I am now inviting others to join me and drive around the world to spread the message. During my first epic journey in 2008, I covered more than 54000 km, thereby inspiring 770 million people worldwide through the press, but also many people who I met personally. Some of those people dedicated themselves to developing intelligent and efficient cars themselves, too, to inspire millions of people worldwide. Their innovation shows again: Yes, we have the solutions to stop global warming and become independent from shrinking reources. The technology for a better and safer future is available and ready for everyday life.

Now I am going around the world again, but this time together with others: 5 Teams representing 4 continents, from countries like South Korea, Switzerland, Australia, Spain and the USA are now spreading this powerful message. Together we want to inspire others and show that electric mobility and renewable energies are reliable and fun. The ZERO Race will not be a one-time event. We want to make it a repeating event.

Of course there are many challenges and difficulties on our long way, as there are in this world. But we will not give up. It is like our economy, that must shift from fossil resources to renewable energies. It's a long way, too. And there are many challenges.

We will meet States people, leaders and ordinary citizens en route. We will show our cars in 150 cities along the way. And we will collect signatures on our big, inflatable Zero, that we will deliver to the World Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico, to inspire the world leaders, to contine fighting for the planet.

When the whole world is talking about Global Warming and shrinking resources, it is time to show the soutions! Come and join us, follow our adventuer online, help us along the way or spread the message!"

Yours sincerely,

Louis Palmer

ZERO Race Tour Director

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