A Clean energy EVENT

The Zero Race is all about sustainable mobility and transport.  The event aims to generate popular enthusiasm for the use of renewable energy sources for vehicles and set the highest environmental standards for the future. This is why all participating Zero Race teams are required to produce their own electricity using renewable sources such as solar, wind, wave and or geothermal. This electricity must be then fed into the grid system in the home country of each team, so that during the Zero Race, the equivalent can be harnessed to power the vehicles on their worldwide journey.

See the renewable energy sources of the race

Eligibility CRITERIA

Competing vehicles in the Zero Race are required to:

  • be propelled by an electric motor
  • drive at least 250 km distance at an average speed equal or above 80 km/h
  • be able to reach a maximum distance of 500 km per day, with a recharge stop of 4 hours during Lunch time
  • carry at least two passengers


As the Zero Race is about sustainable transport and mobility, the event goes beyond the concept of who is first past the start and finish lines. This is why participating vehicles in the Zero Race will be judged according a variety of performance criteria by scientific experts in transport, by selected judges along the way and the general public.

Specific Zero Race competition criteria include:

  • Reliability - based on vehicle performance assessed by the number of breakdowns or repairs needed during the Zero Race
  • Power and Speed - based on acceleration and range capacity to complete the Zero Race track (evaluation by a panel of race car drivers)
  • Energy efficiency - based on assessments by vehicle manufacturers and various other experts
  • Popularity of the vehicle, based on the judgment of the general public
  • Safety - based on evaluations by transport engineers
  • Design - based on opinion polls by spectators and the general public along the way


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