The Pioneers and Drivers of the 2010 ZERO Race

Team Power Plaza, South Korea

The Power Plaza team is supported by South Korean company PowerPlaza, who develops and manufactures industrial power supplies and converters. The team includes five engineers with backgrounds in electric, automotive and mechanic design engineering, and they are all passionate about electric vehicles. The PowerPlaza team leader is Jungeun Suh.

Songhuo Kim Zero Race is a great chance to “Heal the World”, very glad to find right place to put my contribution.  


Jungeun Suh

I am very happy to be part of this huge inspiration to the people make right movement for our planet saving

Young Min Wong

Very exciting to see my childhood dreams come true with Zero race and spread our green message to the world.
Taesung Yung

Solar Taxi has shown the possibility, and I would like add-up practical mobility technologies in the world.


Yebbujana will show where the next generation of our mobility should go, Simple, easy and environment friendly.


Oerlikon Solar Racing Team, Switzerland The Zerotracer team is composed of two designers, an engineer and an IT specialist working for the company Designwerk GmbH based in Winterthur. Switzerland. Together, they make products in transportation design, from conceptual ideas to fully functional prototypes. Designwerk created Zerotracer, by converting the original vehicle to an electric propulsion system.  
Tobias Wuelser, Team Leader
The Zero  Emission Race is one of the first events for a new chapter in the history of automotive transportation. In my opinion, an appealing design for electric vehicles is absolutely necessary, to make it desirable. A good design should therefore stand for dynamic movement, acceleration and speed without neglecting convenience and road capability.  
Frank Loacker It is my aim to showcase via the Zero Emission Race the possibility to round the world with an electric vehicle, without any emissions.  

Team TREV, Australia
Team Trev is a motley collection of electric vehicle enthusiasts, innovators, tinkerers and travellers. Their car Trev (Two seater Renewable Energy Vehicle) was designed and built at the University of South Australia (UniSA). Team Trev has borrowed Trev from UniSA, has significantly upgraded it, will campaign it in Zero Race, and will then hand it back to UniSA. The team considers Zero Race to be a unique opportunity to take Trev to the world and to show that electric cars can be clean, light and simple.
Andrew Dickson, Team Leader Zero Race is a chance to show the world that zero emission EVs are viable now. EVs don't need to be electrified versions of conventional cars - they're too complex and heavy for most driving. Instead, we could drive lightweight simple cars which use modest amounts of precious renewable energy. Enter "Trev".  
Jason Jones To demonstrate the future for commuter transport---Trev.  
Peter Pudney Zero Race is a great opportunity to showcase new types of vehicles that can provide zero-emission mobility.  
Alexandra James Our race is not one of speed, it is of awareness, to show the world that change is a choice that we can embrace, no matter who we are.  
Nick Jones I would like to show the world that there are good alternatives to conventional transport.  
Mick Chapman My World is Electric  

Team Vectrix, Germany    

Sven Lehmann

Sandra Lust
Michael Kuhrt I like electric cars... and bikes ;-)  
Meendert Buurma Visibility and challenge, sustainability and excitement - the morning sun arise!  
Erich Bosch I want my children learn only drive electric with renewable energy, thats the future!  
Dieter Gerber I am a solar freak